Hi everyone and thank you for coming back to Life Bringing Doula! I finished off my first blog talking about how I am pro-life, so today I wanted to explain why I believe what I do.


I used to have the mindset that “I’m personally pro life but if someone else is pro choice and chooses abortion, that’s not for me to tell them not to”.


Then I started thinking “but what if that was me?” What if I found myself in a pregnancy that I did not want or from a man I did not know. I decided I would probably be for abortion in those cases too. In many cases abortion is easier than telling family and friends you are pregnant and possibly from rape. But before I made up my mind completely I decided to do some research. I am someone who needs to know everything. I started off by researching how pregnancy happens.


I continued my research to look up abortion. While I didn’t believe in abortion, I also didn’t believe the RU-48 pill was an abortion. Those who take the abortion pill take it early enough that they dispel a “clump of cells” and not a human being, right? Well I wanted to be sure.


I looked up exactly how the RU-48 pills worked and that’s when I came across Dr. Anthony Levantino’s videos. He is a former abortionist who goes into detail about all the different types of abortion based on stages of pregnancy. 


That’s when I had a heart change.


A pregnancy terminated by the abortion pill was still a pregnancy. It was a human being. I dove into all the videos that Dr. Levantino made and realized I had fell for the lie spread about abortion. After that heart change I decided if I ever did become pregnant from rape that I would have the baby.


Several years later I came across the videos by Dr. Levantino again. This time watching them I had a bigger heart pang. Then I read Proverbs 31:8 “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute”, and felt disgusted with myself.


How could Christians believe in abortion? How are more people not standing up for the unborn? But wait, what was I doing for them? I felt disgusted at myself for sitting on the videos and doing nothing about it.


That’s when I made my first pro life sticker. I decided to create this sticker as a way to speak out against the injustice done to the most innocent of our society.


I could not sit silent anymore, and I made it my duty to speak up for those who could not speak for themselves.


But I wasn’t going to do this for me. If I was going to make stickers to help save the pre-born, I couldn’t sit on the profits. I decided I was going to give the profits to a pro-life organization who helps fight for life and women in need.


While I still make my stickers as a hobby my main focus is on educating and being there for pregnant women.


And I want to continue that support, which is why am working on having a support fund set up for those of you able to to help support women in need. These funds will go towards educating women who go to a pregnancy center in need of help, they will go towards being a support for someone who finds herself pregnant, alone, and scared.


Thank you for your support in my new business and endeavors and I cannot wait to share more with you. If you would like a free consultation, have any questions, or just have something to say, feel free to reach out to me by my contacts page, email, or text. I look forward to where we will go together.