Mommy Care Kit: Elevate your pregnancy and postpartum care with expertly crafted, FDA-approved Preventative Care Pregnancy Kit. A collection of home therapy products you can use during and after pregnancy. Covered by most insurances, including Tricare. Mom's can apply up to 90 days postpartum! 


MotherLove organic herbal products for all stages of motherhood- from bump to birth, breastfeeding, and baby. Purchases through link provide automatic 15% discount. 


Charlie Banana reusable cloth and swim diapers, potty training pants, and accessories


Pink Stork, a wellness brand for women. Hope + Solution for every step of motherhood and beyond! 


Dove has created Black Birth Equity Fund: Action for Black Maternal Health, a Grant for Black mothers to pay for doulas. Below is a link to apply for the grant. If you are accepted for this grant, the funds will cover the cost of me being your birth doula. 


Tricare is in a trial period where they are reimbursing the cost of doula's for those in network. For more information check out the link below to Tricare's website. 


Miscarriage and Abortion Help 


Let Them Live Pro-Life Business Directory


Count the Kicks App, free app that helps you remember to count the kicks every day in the 3rd trimester.


Dolly Parton's Imaginary Library, In 1995, Dolly Parton launched an exciting new effort, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, to benefit the children of her home county in East Tennessee, USA. Dolly’s vision was to foster a love of reading among her county’s preschool children and their families by providing them with the gift of a specially selected book each month. Check the link below to see if you qualify for the free gift of books!


What is Abortion? Explained by a former abortionist. 


Pregnancy Explained


Recommendations to help flip baby in the womb or laboring positions


Birth Injury Center, provide resources and help for those families that have children with a birth injury, help parents identify and manage their child's birth injury, discuss the best treatment options, provide legal assistance to help with treatment & other expenses